Tissue raw materials(jumbo reels only)

we have virgin wood,bamboo material,and to match your rquirement, recycled material also is available.bath tissue,facial tissue,napkins,towel paper, weight range from 12gsm-46gsm.using world top quality paper machines 5600mm metso and andritz paper machines , also 2800mm available to match your various requirement. fsc and pefc is available except recycled and mix tissue reels.


Virgin wood pulp/5600mm and 2800mm machines deckle for slitting 

Product Description:Toilet paper, facial tissue, pocket tissue, napkin, paper towelsWeight Range:14-17gsm, 13-16gsm, 13.6-17gsm, 13.5-21gsm, 33-45gsm Characteristics of Products: ①Fine Wrinkles and good hydroscopicity ②Soft and Comfortable enough for maternal and infant skin③Main products are toilet papers, which is essential for people’s daily life.   Specification:①Good softness, strong toughness and good evenness ②Smooth and fine hand feeling ③used for face and hand clearing afer meals

①Delicate plications, good feel, without scraps after wiping
②High toughness, good hydroscopicity, not easy to tear when wet
③Delicate and exquisite in appearance, portable, especially to the enjoy of young people.
Range of Application:Daily toilet supplies ,Restroom in public places, such as hotels and so on.

Bamboo pulp (unbleached paper)/machine deckle 2800mm for slitting

Description:A safe and healthy product that is unbleached and free of fluorescent whitening agents or materials harmful for the body (such as dioxin). Quality assured paper made of fresh, organic bamboo materials grown with zero pesticide and no chemical fertilisers. Fully automatic equipment with zero human contact to ensure hygiene and safety. Craftsmanship ensures that no bamboo-kun is damaged to maintain the natural antibacterial properties.
Category: facial tissue, toilet rolls, paper handkerchiefs, etc.
Raw materials: natural virgin bamboo pulp
Application: Baby care, menstruation, facial, sensitive skin, table, kitchen, etc.

Bamboo pulp paper, also known as bamboo paper, is a type of paper made from bamboo fibers. It has several distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other types of paper.
Firstly, bamboo pulp paper is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires less water and fewer pesticides than traditional paper sources such as trees. This means that bamboo pulp paper has a much lower environmental impact than other types of paper.
Secondly, bamboo pulp paper is known for its strength and durability. Bamboo fibers are longer and stronger than traditional paper fibers, which makes bamboo pulp paper more resistant to tearing and wear and tear.
Thirdly, bamboo pulp paper has a unique texture and appearance. It has a natural, earthy feel that is distinct from the smoother, more uniform texture of other types of paper. This makes bamboo pulp paper ideal for artistic and decorative purposes.

Recycled/Blended material Pulp 

Recycling of pulp-based toilet paper involves collecting used toilet paper, which is then processed to recover the pulp fibers. The recovered pulp fibers are then cleaned, processed, and used to create new toilet paper products. This process helps to conserve natural resources and reduce waste, as well as reduce the environmental impact of producing new pulp-based toilet paper. Additionally, recycling toilet paper can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption associated with the manufacturing process.