Tissue Paper Jumbo Rolls


Material(only virgin wood and bamboo material available):

In the paper raw materials, straw pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp prices are lower, while wood pulp is made from wood as raw material pulp, the price is higher. The quality of paper products produced from different raw materials is also different, there are high school and low grade: high-grade paper products from 100% virgin wood pulp as raw materials, strong water absorption, less paper dust, tissue paper surface pattern fine, soft feel, and its microbiological indicators, physical indicators are better than other raw materials; mid-grade paper products are made from part of the wood pulp raw materials combined with straw pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp processing, the quality is still good, but water absorption, softness than high-grade products; and low-grade paper products contain wood pulp. Softness to be second to high-grade products; and low-grade paper products containing less wood pulp components, basically made of recycled waste paper pulp, often with impurities, hair and chips, poor quality.


The machine used is a crescent-type high-speed paper machine (2200m/min) with a width of 5.62m, mainly producing facial tissues, toilet rolls, hand towels, tissue paper, napkins and so on. The machine adopts double-layer headbox, and the long and short fibers can be sized independently, so that the physical characteristics of the long and short fibers can be brought into full play, resulting in better paper performance and better hand feel while maintaining high tensile strength. The sizing part of the machine is also equipped with a full-width water dilution system, and the moisture in the cross-width can be automatically adjusted to make the paper uniformity better, making it the most advanced, mature and stable paper machine model in the household paper industry at that time.

In addition, the paper machine is equipped with an 18-foot steel Yankee cylinder with surface spraying treatment, higher heat conduction efficiency and lower energy consumption, and a matching 500-degree high-temperature gas hood with hot air penetration, high energy efficiency and better drying effect, which provides sufficient drying capacity for the high-speed operation of the paper machine. The matching rewinder is Italian Aselli 5620 rewinder, with stable operation and low wrinkle loss. For process control, Metso’s WEM online charge detection equipment was purchased.